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our vision.

Anima is a place for stories that are created with love, are full of narrative and carry a message.

Stories that enrich us and are food for our mind, body and soul.

Anima is our way towards good changes.

To change how we perceive beauty and fashion and

start making the right decisions.

Our decisions should be based on genuine reasons and not just

blindly ‘obey‘ trends that are not ours.

We should align our external image with our internal one. And

find harmony.

We should always start from within us and hear ourselves first.

This is not about being selfish, but about loving oneself.

We are sisters, friends, very different and very similar at the

same time. Together we are learning how to balance, accept and

be grateful for one another. Family is sacred and priceless to us.

That is why we have created a space that we want to share with


Where we are all unique, but under the same tent. Together.

Welcome Soul Tribe :)

Let’s get started!

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